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CHAZ AIDSRelief Transition (CART) project

The CHAZ AIDS Care and Prevention Programme was developed in 1986 as a response to the growing problem of HIV and AIDS in the country. CHAZ AIDS Care and Prevention Programme is the largest single programme in CHAZ and incorporate STI and TB control, prevention programme that promotes the ABC approach. Included in prevention interventions are: provision of Behavioural Change Communication (BCC), Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT).Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVC) support, Income Generating schemes and training of Church leaders, professional health staff and community volunteers in HIV and AIDS related response skills

The goal of the programme is, "To contribute to the prevention and mitigation of the impact of HIV AND AIDS epidemic in Zambia."
The main strategies employed are mobilizing additional resources for AIDS care and prevention, scaling up and strengthening institutional and community responses to HIV/AIDS, and supporting programmes benefiting people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS, including OVC. 
The CHAZ AIDS Care and Prevention Programme (CCAP) is an umbrella programme coordinated at CHAZ Secretariat and implemented by member institutions. The overall goal of the CCAP is "to contribute to the prevention HIV incidence and mitigate the social-economic impact of HIV/AIDS epidemic in rural Zambia". Currently the programs under CCAP include HIV Round 8, JFA, Nutrition and Food Security and CHAZ Clinic Projects.
CHAZ is undertaking comprehensive HIV prevention that requires a combination of programmatic and policy actions that promote safer behaviours, reduce vulnerability to transmission, encourage use of key prevention technologies, promote social norms that favor risk reduction and address drivers of the epidemic 
Strong linkages as well as special efforts to reach those at higher risk and excluded from access to services will result in more relevant and cost-effective programmes with greater impact.
The CHAZ has thus far been largely supported by partners such as the Global Fund, Dan Church Aid,Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN), Irish Aid, CordAid, the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and the European Union through Dan Church Aid. From 2008, Kirsten Borger Poulsens Fond has been making a small contribution to the CHAZ AIDS programme through DCA’s support to CHAZ clinics projects implemented at Fiwila and Chalabesa Rural Health Centres in Central and Northern Provinces respectively. The GF supported HIV programme has two phases. Phase 1 and 2. Phase 1 run for two years from 1st January 2010 to 30th December 2011. Phase 2 will be for three years and is performance based and further funding is depending on the phase one performance. The total grant period therefore is for five years from 2010 to 2015
The programme is found in all the nine provinces and is currently in 54 CHIs i.e. hospitals and Rural health Centres and 17 Lead Sub recipients
The CHAZ HIV round 8 programme is mainly funded by the Global Fund which is the largest funder of programs in CHAZ. The program is focusing on prevention mitigation and health system strengthening.
The Global Fund
The response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic was given by the Global fund in 2003 in CHAZ. The fund supported programs that included HIV and AIDS, TB and Malaria. So far it is the largest single supporter of CHAZ health Programs.
Prevent further transmission of HIV infections particularly in the youth, women and other vulnerable groups by reducing high-risk behaviours
Improve quality of life people infected by HIV.
Strengthen prevention of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS
Reduce the socio-economic impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals and families particularly in rural households
Strengthen capacities and increase number of CHIs and communities responding to the HIV/AIDS epidemic
Promote Human Rights, Gender and Advocacy
Conduct Operational Research to assess Project Efficiency, Effectiveness and to facilitate decision making and policy formulation
To provide Technical Support visit to CHAZ/ZPCT sites.
To expand existing HIV/AIDS services and scale up new services, as part of a comprehensive package that emphasizes prevention, strengthens the health system, and supports the priorities of the Ministry of Health(MoH) and National AIDS Council (NAC);
To refurbish and rehabilitate sites under the project.
Facilitate the engagement of Data Entry Clerk (DEC) at CHAZ/ZPCT II project sites that are none CHAZ ART sites to facilitate capturing of HIV data

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