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Grant Management Department


The Grant management department is a specialised area that dedicates time and resources to ensure that grant funds are administered to the expectations of our partners and other stakeholders. Grants Management ensures compliance to grant agreements by effectively and efficiently administering terms and conditions of the agreements. The department plays a support role between the Health programmes and Accounts in that it supports the budgeting processes by ensuring that programme activities are reasonably and accurately costed, thereby achieving more coverage with the same amount of money. Additionally the department ensures accountability by enforcing compliance to agreed terms and conditions among sub recipients, therefore aiming to achieve effective management of any grant from grant award through closeout. This is based on core principles that include but are not limited to compliance and reporting requirements.
In order to achieve these core principles, a critical aspect of grant administration has been the establishment and maintenance of a sound grant management system that has focused on the following components;
  • Administering and managing of grants in compliance with grant agreements.
  • Managing and reporting on financial progress of programmes at sub recipient level, 
  • Disbursing grant funds in a timely and effective manner 
  • Monitoring and evaluating financial performance of sub recipients
  • Ensuring that effective control and accountability is maintained for all grants and sub grants.
  • Ensuring that sub recipients and sub-sub recipients resources are properly used and safe-guarded, and that funds, equipment, and other assets are used solely for authorized purposes
  • Closing out grants when activities are complete and grants are at the end of their lifecycle
  • Maintaining a reporting system that fairly and accurately documents the disbursement and utilisation of grant funds and assets at sub and sub-sub recipient level.

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