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Pharmaceutical and Logistics


To contribute to increased access through efficient procurement planning, proper storage and reliable distribution of quality health products; and promotion of rational drug use and practices.
The department is currently transforming from program based to functional structure. This is to ensure separation of duties in the different areas of pharmaceutical and logistics management. The units 4 units are Procurement Planning, Warehouse, Logistics and Quality Assurance.
The role of the procurement planning unit is preparation of Procurement and Supply Management Plans (PSM plans), commodity tracking and provides updates on expected medicines and other health products. The unit is also responsible for clearing of all products procured by CHAZ through the Procurement Unit.
The warehouse unit receives stores, picks and prepares for dispatch health products that are procured by the procurement unit, products for third parties and all donated products. In addition to these traditional functions, the warehouse also assembles various kits of pre-packed health products (HBC kits) for distribution to mission health facilities and controls the stock of all health and non-health products stored within the warehouse. 
The roles of the Logistics function are to prepare and manage distribution schedules in conjunction with Transport and Warehouse units; receive and collate distribution and consumption data from health facilities; deliver health and non-health supplies to health facilities as per the distribution schedule; ensure regular repair and maintenance of internal delivery fleet; supervise outsourced transport services when necessary; verify assembled loads and supervise loading; monitor goods in transit and delivery to health facilities; harmonize distribution of all programs.; forecasting and quantification and mentorship to health facilities
The Quality Assurance Unit inspects all health products procured and delivered and evaluate pre-delivery samples. The unit will also carry out laboratory testing of critical commodities such as Antiretroviral, Anti TB drugs, Anti-Malarials and injectable antibiotics used to treat critical illness. The Quality Assurance unit provides technical support to the procurement function in developing technical specifications for the procurement and technical evaluation of health products. The unit will also provide technical services in the disposal of expired or damaged health products.
i.    Cooling system for the warehouse to ensure integrity (quality) of products 
ii.    Racking systems to maximize storage capacity

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